Dreaming a reality

Finished work for today. Thoughts drift as I rest, to pictures of a bright and full future, glowing with hard work and magic.

A new home between woods and sea on the south coast. A community, shared with beloveds and those who choose to work alongside and share with us a certain way of living and being. A place we can live, work, breathe, fulfill our dreams, be free to be who we are and share all that we do with others.

A place for holding circles, creating workshops, enjoying firesides, crafts, woods, sea, drum and song. A place for growth, spirituality and sexuality.

A studio for the arts. A workshop for building and creating. Rooms of our own for therapy, writing, working, leisure and pleasure. Fresh eggs, milk and veg from our own backyard. Dogs, cats and horses of course. So much beauty to live, love, breathe and share. All whilst and for doing the work; therapy, social conscience/activism/justice, growth, peace, love, life and laughter for ourselves and for others.

Yes, we’re almost there folks. Next year. The right place and property will come. Because we’ve been here 12 years now, working towards this and because I never stopped believing and having faith.

Did I mention that I love my life?

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Oh yes, a blog!

To be frank, I’m not terribly fond of blogging, I’m never entirely certain anyone would want to read my words! However, this is a thing and I’ve been nudged gently to awaken it, so shall it be.

I think the main thing I’d like to mention, that’s been a more recent development (over the past few years) is that I’ve become a teacher of Tarot. Although I still do many readings by request, I rarely advertise, however I seem to have a wonderful and loyal following from many who return time after time either in times of trouble or when needing to make a decision, or who simply like to have an updated reading from time to time.

One thing I began to be asked at the turn of the decade is to teach Tarot as a skill. Whilst I believe everyone can read Tarot, much as anyone can ‘do’ art, some of us are more likely to enjoy cartoon, caricature, stick men even, whereas others are capable of producing glorious works of art that the rest of us can only hope to dream of achieving. The same goes for Tarot; you can read it too, I promise. There may be those who have a genuine gift, who are fortunate or blessed enough to be an open or hollow bone through which such messages pass through more easily or clearly. You can only really discover the depth and breadth of that gift through willingness to try! But you can ALL read for yourselves, if you choose to.

So it transpired that I was asked to teach, individuals, groups and even in College!

If you have an event during which you would like readings available, I’ve done plenty of that and am always happy to attend, diary permitting.

If you hold an event for which teaching Tarot may be a useful thing? I teach it as a life path progression tool, a self development tool, a tool to provide insight into what path to choose… and how. It’s very simple in concept, good to learn and insightful in terms of – rather than reading a book on ‘how to’ – understanding why.

So, ask me for a reading. Ask me to read for your friends. Ask me to teach reading for a group or individually. It’s all possible (including of course celebrant services; I’ve presided over many handfastings, baby name blessings etc).

I look forward to hearing from you!




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Beautiful handfasting of Keith & Karen – August 2011

Just thought I’d share a few of these pictures from a most beautiful ceremony, at a gorgeous hotel back in August. It truly was a traditional wedding in the most non-traditional sense; white dress, floral gardens, hotel with chairs swathed in pretty drapes, the lot. Complete with a spiritual joining that moved everyone in the room and sealed their love for one another as they truly wished.

Magical memories of a perfect day.

Thank you Keith and Karen for sharing your special day with me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Places available

Just so folk know…

Having finally finished travelling this past month, I now have the space and time to be doing some more readings again.

So, if anyone would like one either message me here, call or text (see contact info), or use the Facebook shop to order one now!

-doffs cap-
DK x

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First poor experience!

Tonight I went to read for a young man at his place. Naturally when visiting others I always take someone with me as a chaperone, safety first and all that. I’ve always felt I was being a little over cautious but this evening proved that I’ve been doing just the right thing!

Turned up at the flat at the agreed time, spent ages trying to find him (first sign of trouble, no coming out to meet us) and when I finally got to the door there was no answer. This would have been disheartening enough, to waste mine and another’s time, fuel and effort for nought. However on my third vigorous knocking on the door, it opened! I caught my breath, shouted in “hello?” to no avail, then made the mistake of peering in to shout again. I wished I could bleach my brain to remove the images. Filthy just doesn’t cut it. Upturned ashtrays, half eaten plates of food, sparse furniture and dirty clothes. Finally my eyes alighted on pieces of foil around the ashtrays… that was it, I was OUT of there! We practically turned tail and fled, feeling very icky all the way home!

Ghastly. This was one time, in hindsight, that I was glad to find the client NOT home.

Ah well, onwards and upwards, I suppose one bad egg in amongst an average five per week since April is pretty good going really!

Ah the adventures of a Tarot Reader… ~smiles~

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Smashing few days

Two readings in the past 24hours have come specifically from external marketing (rather than Facebook or word of mouth), namely via my super snazzy new postcard below, placed in the local shop ‘Curious Goods‘ (in the Shambles, Chesterfield).

Enormous thanks to the shop and the staff (thank you Lelani!) for promoting my services. Both satisfied customers, word of mouth referrals promised.

Attended the fourth of a series of four Business Link Workshops on Monday entitled ‘how to run a successful business’. Interestingly – having taken the course for the E-Secretaries business I’m staring up at the moment – I picked up both a Tarot client and a Life Coaching one! Fascinating life this is.

Ooh and please don’t forget to ‘Like’ our Facebook Page for a 10% discount on all readings purchased via the ‘shop’ integrated into the left hand menu of the page… and add us on Twitter now too!

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Excellent reputation garnered throughout twelve years by word of mouth recommendations only. Now available for Tarot Readings, spiritual & pagan celebrant services, guidance, Handfastings & more.

I read from the Sacred Rose Tarot deck by personal preference as they’ve been good to me for many years. However I also read happily from the more traditional Rider Waite deck if you prefer.


Also on facebook.com/dktarot

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