Ruth & Sonia Mills (Handfasting 13/08/2005)
see http://wedding.sonia.me.uk/ for more beautiful pictures of the day.

NOTE: To reassure, I have performed a great many Handfastings over the past decade, more testimonials and pictures will be placed here once the appropriate consent from parties concerned has been obtains. 

Kim Sellors (Tarot reading in person 15/03/2011)
“Thanks for the reading, really good, would recomend to anyone wanting one. Really related to myself. Fab”

Prudence Greenwood (Tarot reading in person 20/03/2011)
“A delicately personal and insightful reading guided by DK’s reassuring nature and gentle humour. A wonderfully helpful experience which I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.”

Alison Blagden (Tarot reading in person 21/03/2011)
“I had a full tarot reading with DK this monday, I was welcomed into a lovely atmosphere, the cards were explained in lay mans terms beforehand which i found most useful and all parts of the reading were explained and discussed at length. My reading was informative, enlightening and most positive. It has helped me find the courage to move forward with certain ambitions and given me the confidence to leave behind negative situations that are no longer benefitting me. DK was generous with her time and hospitality and I am recommending her to all my interested friends. Thankyou DK and I hope to receive more readings in future x”

Carla Goodghirl (Tarot reading via email 25/03/2011)
“I had a wonderfully personal reading from DK, apart from the fact the reading really made sense to me personally. The reading was laid out in a way that made it easy to understand and in a format I can look back on again and again. I had a couple of questions about my reading and DK took the time to further explain them and asked if I wanted any more help with it. A truly awesome service professional confidential and super approachable.”

Katie Summers (Tarot reading in person 15/03/2011)
“I would never have a reading from anyone other than DK, everything you say is spot on, sometimes not until a few weeks later but always always right! Amazing! x

Chris Ando (Tarot reading via email 06/04/2011)
“An amazing and personal reading, in which each section seemed to back up the previous one.  Very intuitively read, and enlightening! Having the document with the picture to go back to means that I can refer back as sections drift from my mind, and readdress meanings and details! Thank you DK, much appreciated!”

Claire Black (Tarot reading via email 01/04/2011)
“I had a reading from DK at a time when I was feeling lost. I was sceptical at first, but everything within it resonated with me and clearly showed me what I needed to do next. I am very grateful to DK for his insight and supportive words and would highly recommend a Tarot reading with him to anyone with questions (and frequently do)!”

ALSO… “There is a lot more in that reading, and I want to re-read it tomorrow. The basic message I have from it so far didn’t specifically answer my question, but was EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now. Thank you so much for doing the reading for me. I feel like it has put me back on track again, without sugar coating the issues that are around, but giving me what I need to face them head on.”

Estelle Bunting (Tarot readings for hen party 29/04/2011)
“DK read for a group of friends at my recent hen night. She was loved by all and everyone commented on how accurate their readings were and how comfortable DK made them feel about the process. Thank you DK and I look forward to having a reading myself soon xx”

ALSO… “DK was celebrant at our handfasting ceremony last evening. It was an amazing ceremony which was perfect for us as a couple and was very personal. DK and family made everyone welcome and comfortable, no matter what their faith. I look forward to renewing this in a year and a day and hope that DK will again honour us by performing the ceremony for us. This was a magical experience and one that I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”

Feath Zaman (Tarot reading via email 6/04/2011)
“The reading DK gave was thoughtful, indepth and topical. It hit all the high points and pointed out things I wasn’t consciously aware of. It was detailed, full and long enough that I felt I had value for money. Recommended. feath

Buffy Ra (Tarot reading via email 22/06/2011)
“WOW is the first thing I will say about my reading. It was incredibly thorough and laid out in a really easy to read format with plenty of information attached with it for me to refer to. I have to say, I really felt like I’d got my money’s worth! After digesting all the information contained within, I started to realise just how much clarification was in that reading for me. So much that I needed to hear and even more that made me sit up and have a damn good think about that particular card interpretation. A week on, even more of the reading has come to light. It just gets better and better. I cannot recommend DK enough. A truly amazing gift. Love & Light. Buffy xxx”

Ursula Kuba (Tarot reading via email 26/04/2011)
“I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. Sorry it took so long. I few weeks ago I was in a really confusing place. DK, who has never met me, did a full reading for me and got it totally spot on. It was an absolute comfort to me as well as holding a great amount of wisdom. I look forward to meeting this talented individual in person. 🙂 Thanks DK…I’ll be ordering another one for sure!”

Liam Toady Wright (Tarot reading via email – 4 card – 1/05/2011)
“This was my first ever reading with Tarot cards. So wasnt exactly sure what to expect. But OH MY DAY’S that as so spot on. I do find it surprising that some cards and a little magic can tell you what has been, what is, what will be going on it your life. I will be having another reading in a few months to see what has changed. I’m well happy with the reading thanks DK look forward to the next one in a while.”

Letia Stasney (Tarot reading via email – annual – 6/05/2011)
“I figured turning half a century old it might be a good idea to get a annual reading.
I wanted the cards pulled on my birthday. My recommendation for anyone else wanting their cards read on a specific date, book your reading in advance, the sooner the better. DK’s reading was clear giving an explanation of how he was taught to read tarot cards. This was helpful information. Also included in the reading was a picture of the cards as they appeared in the reading… then a detailed write up of each card and his interpretation. I have not known DK long but love his energy, his honesty and his willingness to share his talents. I couldn’t be more happy with my reading. oh and btw I loved my reading for the “heads up” it gave me… not because my reading was all sunshine and flowers.”

Jacqueline Collier (Tarot reading via email 25/04/2011)
“Loved my tarot reading – on first reading it brought tears to my eyes, on second reading left me reflective and third reading brought home that life is a journey full of lessons. DK really tailored the reading to my circumstances and it is something I will read again and again over the years. 100% recommended :)”

Bonnie Wright-Robinson (Tarot reading via email 25/04/2011)
“I received my first ever reading via email since I’m in the USA from DK today and it most certainly won’t be the last. I’ve read through it 3 times now and each time I seem to pick up something I missed the time before. I am thoroughly overjoyed with it and it strikes a cord with me in so many ways it’s uncanny. DK truly has a gift and I recommend anyone to have a reading done whether it be in person, by email or perhaps is Skype in the foreseeable future maybe?”

Ann Marie La Mantia (Tarot reading via email 5/07/2011)
“WOW WHAT A READING I RECIEVED !!!!! PLS DON’T HESITATE THIS IS AWESOME I was taken back with all the info & accuracy that was done with this reading TY so much!”

Danielle Garcia (Tarot reading via email 25/06/2011)
“I got a great reading!! Answered so many questions 🙂 highly recommended!”

Olga Stewart (Tarot reading via email 3/01/2014)
“I just finished reading the tarot reading that you sent me. And I have to say that you hit on many points of who I am both in the past and present time. Plus, I felt like I was looking at a mirror image of myself when reading this. I also felt a sense of both comfort and rightness because I have already been trying to do some of the work that you mentioned in your reading. And it heartened me to know that I’m both on the right path and that if I keep on going, something both very useful and beneficial will come from this. This was a wonderfully insightful reading. And it’s one that I will keep going back to when need be. Thank you so much for both creating this reading and sending it to me, as it means so much to me. *big smile*”

10 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Cheska says:

    I treated myself to a recent reading and was slightly thrown by the depth of knowledge and insight so very obviously evident within it. It’s been food for thought and given me some hope for the future. I highly recommend DK’s readings and am thinking I should have another one in about 6 month’s time, when my situation has moved on/altered slightly. Useful, beneficial and enabled me to feel a lot calmer about all the stuff going on with me at the moment.

    Thank you DK x

  2. Keith and Karen Jessop says:

    As a personal friend, I was honoured when DK agreed to perform our marriage renewal handfasting ceremony recently (20/8/11)

    The ceremony was commented upon by almost all of our guests as being so poignant and beautiful/magical (we now have friends who wish to renew their own vows in handfasting ceremonies as a result of our beautiful day!)

    DK was incredible – we loved every minute of the ceremony which was personal, intimate and meaningful. DK ensured that all guests were comfortable with the proceedings, regardless of their beliefs/orienatation and every single guest simply adored the ceremony.

    We would HIGHLY recommend DK as a celebrant and although we are privileged to be friends, we would assure anyone considering a handfasting that they will be treated with the utmost love and respect on their special day.

    Also have to acknowledge our thanks to the beautiful Luisa who kindly agreed to contribute to our ceremony by participating so perfectly in our ceremony.

    Karen & Keith, with love always xxx

  3. andrea says:

    hi, my name is Andrea. I have recently had a tarot reading done via sms photo and email I was surprised at what I received back, DK picked out a family celebration, there is no way could DK have known, as I had just found out myself and not told anyone. My sons girlfriend is expecting my first grandchild.

    DK Also for told the battles and struggles of my past and so much more. Sits and waits impatiently for my strong blonde gent who is awaiting me lololl smiles,

    Thank you DK for the clarity you gave me, sometimes we all need reassurance things are going to change.xx

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for the reading, it was absolutely spot on, and exactly what I needed.
    It has given me confirmations and also told me where I need to be working, Thank you

  5. ann marie la mantia says:

    as always thank you from my heart for the reading ~ it was on point for many things that I questioned’

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